Hey! And welcome. It would seem that in this endless sea of internet your browsing dingy has managed to find the tiny island that is the website of Damian Robb. Congratulations!

So, who is Damian Robb? Well, he’s a writer. He’s also a pyjama aficionado, the proud owner of a beard twenty something years in the making, and a lover of hugs. But, ultimately, for the purposes of this website, he’s a writer.

And that’s because Damian really likes writing words. Which words? All of them! Sometimes he even puts them into sentences and sometimes those sentences even make up stories. It’s like magic. Damian has written for television and the page and will continue to do so until all the words are written. 


In fact, you can read some of those words right now! Second congratulations! You can read his JOURNAL ARTICLES (really a blog but Damian thinks calling them journal articles sounds cooler), or have a flick through his REVIEWS, which cover a range of topics from Rorschach tests to the Nazca lines to metaphors. Or you his can read his novella THE CASE OF HENRY AND THE HAMSTER, available in ebook or print.


You can also listen to some of those aforementioned stories on his podcast SHORT TALES. Not only can you hear a new story at the start of every month, but there are also episodes where Damian chats to his buddies about all things writing and story, and you can do so for the low low price of free! Third congratulations!

You can also let your ears feast on his other podcast SCAREDY BOYS. A podcast where three cowardly friends force themselves to watch horror movies. Each episode our co-hosts give a writers/cowards perspective on the movie and look at how would they have done under the same circumstances (spoiler: bad).


Let’s see, other things you might want to know? 

Oh! Well, for one, Damian looks like this…

You’ll notice there are books behind him. Classic writer headshot. Really shows off his love of the written word (love of hugs not featured … although you can see it in his eyes). Damian also teaches screenwriting at RMIT and creative writing at Melbourne Young Writers Studio, and there’s even some OTHER WORK (which you’ll find on another page as Damian’s aware you might be experiencing link fatigue navigating this word heavy front page of a website). 


We’re almost there. Last things. If you want to steer your dingy into the swamplands of social media you can find Damian on twitter, facebook, or instagram, or feel free to say hello and send him an email. And if you want to support Damian you can throw a few dollars, euros, rands, pounds, francs, yen, or any other currency at him by clicking the button below.


Lastly, if you’ve read all the way to this point then fourth congratulations! Damian thanks you. By which I mean I thank you because as you may have guessed this was Damian writing in third person the entire time.

Thanks for stopping by and happy browsing.