Job Interview


A woman sits at a desk, late 30’s, well kept, with the body language of someone clearly in charge. Across from her sits a slightly overweight middle aged man. He looks uncomfortable in a shirt and tie, with the tie tied askew. On the floor to the side a little girl sits.

Well we’ll start with the obvious, why do you want to join the team?

The woman’s smartphone rings loudly into the room.

Sorry, hold that thought.

She looks down a the phone to see a man’s face with the contact name ‘Hubby’ written above it. The woman declines the call.

Sorry, just my husband. You were saying.

The man is looking at the little girl with an amused look on his face. He brings his attention back to the woman.

Well I’ve been working in warehouses for twenty years and-

The woman’s phone interrupts him, once more ringing loudly. The woman quickly picks it up.

My apologies. I’ll put it on silent. Continue.

The man shares a smile with the little girl who looks to be holding back a giggle. Out of view from the woman the girl holds a phone. The woman notices the mans attention.

Oh that’s my daughter, don’t mind her.

No problem. So I was saying-

The phone interrupts again, this time vibrating loudly on the desk.

Just ignore it, it’ll stop in a moment.

The phone stops and the woman smiles at the man to continue. He opens his mouth to speak when the phone starts to vibrate again. In a rage the woman picks up the phone and answers it.

What? What do you want?

The man and the little girl both burst out laughing. The woman looks at the man, then to her daughter and sees she is holding the phone.

I’m sorry, your daughter is very funny.

Oh yes, she’s horribly funny isn’t she?

Okay, what was the question again?

Oh, no more questions. You clearly think thus is a joke. Thanks so much for your time, you will not be hearing from us.

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