Judging Books by Their Covers


Two friends, NICK and KEN, slowly wander through the isles of a book store, a handful of other browsing customers shop around them. Nick stops in front of the thriller isle, picks up a book and looks at it.

I can’t believe books stores still manage to exist. We simply don’t need them anymore.

We’re shopping in one aren’t we.

Nick replaces the book and the two continue to slowly walk.

Yes, but only so I can figure out what to download later for my kindle. I might as well just steal a book now and save myself the trouble.

Even still the store is still serving you a purpose. You need the store to see the books in order to figure out which ones you want.

Ken stops in front of the crime section and picks up a book. Nick looks at it over his shoulder.

I think the saying ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’ contradicts exactly what you just said.

I’ve always thought that saying was a bad one. Of course we judge books by their cover, that’s our primary way of deciding if we want to read it.

Ken returns the book and the two continue to stroll, stopping now in front of the biographies. They each pick up a book and look at it.

I think the saying is really relating more to people and not judging them on appearance.

I know that I just think it’s a bad analogy to use. If I want to pick a book I primarily start by looking for a cover that appeals to me. I literally judge a book by it’s cover.

Well maybe you shouldn’t, maybe your missing out on a whole world of books you would enjoy.

They each put down their books and move on to the general fiction section, each once more pick up a book.

But that’s the beauty of book covers. The publishers know what appeals to the readers of different genres of books. That’s why fantasy books all have similar looking covers, or young adult books, or crime novels. The cover is used to target the exact kind of audience that would in fact enjoy reading that book.

Nick slips his hand into Ken’s satchel for a moment. Ken puts down his book and the two walk over to the sci-fi section.

I suppose you have a point, all these sci-fi books do have similar looking covers.

Nick picks up two books from different authors that share a lot of the same elements on the cover.

But it still doesn’t mean that if I like this one.

Nick lifts up the book in his right hand.

I’m guaranteed to like this one.

Nick lifts the book in his left hand.

For all I know this one could be absolute rubbish.

That’s true but you’ve still narrowed down a store full of books to hand full that you might like based simply on their covers, and for the most part it pays off. Basically it is helpful and time saving to judge books by their covers, hence the reason they have them.

Nick replaces both the books.

I suppose you’re right. Either way I think we should leave. I slipped a book in your satchel a minute ago and I think that security guard may be watching us.


They look over at a stern looking moustached security guard who’s looking right at them.

Oh shit.

They both briskly walk towards the door of the book store then start to run once they leave it.

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