Library Sounds


In the quiet centre of a large city library a number of people sit and study. One of these people, DAN, has a laptop in front of him and a number of open books around him.

Dan looks like he’s about to fall asleep, one hand holds up his head the other continually swipes upward on the mouse touch pad.

Dan starts to tap his fingers on the metal of the laptop next to the touch pad, tapping out a simple repeating tune between each swipe. The swish of the swipe works its way into the rhythm of the tapping.

Dan lifts his hand off his hand and seems to perk up.

His tapping between the swipes changes it’s rhythm to become more complex, the swish of the swipe still interlaced between the repeating tune.

Dan looks down at his hand and smiles. He starts to bob his head. His other hand comes down to the table and starts to pound out a basic bass line on the hard wood.

From a few cubicles down a disgruntled man leans out and gives him the stink eye.

Dan looks up at him and softens his taps lowering the volume of his playing. The mans head returns into his cubicle.

Dan returns his view to his computer screen and continues swiping, his fingers still gently tapping between each swipe. His eyes drift once more down to his tapping hand and while the image on the screen continues to move with each swipe he is no longer looking at it.

The tapping increases in volume and in his bass hand Dan picks up a plastic ruler. He starts to tap it in tune on the metal of the laptop, the sharp plastic on metal bring in some high notes.

Dan increases the volume of the tune, the tempo rises. Dan drops the ruler and makes two fists banging them down on the table, one following the other, two make two deep thud noises. Both hands return to tapping out a fast beat, the two thuds coming in on every fourth beat.

The disgruntled mans head once more returns out from his cubicle, his expression unchanged.

Dan ignores him and continues his beat. A foot stomp takes the place of the two thuds and one of his hands picks up a clicky pen, adding the sound of the clicks to the beat. The other continues the rhythmic tapping.

The disgruntled man clears his throat at Dan, who continues to ignore him, caught up in his tune.

Dan stands up and once more increases the tempo of the tune. The volume rising as he starts to put his whole body behind it. A number of people are looking at him now.

The disgruntled man makes a growl in his throat and stands up and approaches Dan. He looks down at Dan disapprovingly, hands on his hips. Dan steps back but continues his tune. The disgruntled man steps closer to him again.

Dan steps back and then starts weaving his way through the library continuing his beat on any surrounding objects; cubicle walls, books, chairs etc.

Dan has everyone’s attention now, some simply stare, many smile.

The disgruntled man sneers and another growl comes out of his throat. He starts to charge towards Dan, swiping a sign from beside him as he goes.

Dan is still moving through the library happily beating out his tune.

The disgruntled man works his way through the maze of desks, chairs, and people and rushed up to Dan holding his sign in Dan’s face. It reads ‘Quiet in the library please’.

Dan stops, the room in silent.


Someone near the back of the room makes the double thud noise on their desk. Dan turns towards the sound and smiles. The person repeats the sound and Dan picks up his beat once more, the tempo faster and rising.

Dan moves back towards his desk and, without stopping the beat, collects his things. A number of people have joined in tapping along with Dan’s sound.

Dan moves towards the door of the library and turns to face the people. His tune rises, hits a crescendo and then stops.


The majority of the people break out in applause and cheering.

Dan walks proudly out of the library.

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