Flirty Ex’s and Forgotten Anniversaries


JANE’s drives fast, her partner TOM sits in the passenger seat next to her. Both aren’t speaking.

Tom turns on the radio, Jane instantly changes stations. Tom slowly changes it back, Jane quickly changes it back before his finger has even left the button. She turns up the volume and gives Tom a challenging glare.

Tom scoffs then turns the volume down but doesn’t change the station back. Tom looks out the window for a beat. He pulls his mobile out. He clicks a button and the screen changes to the screen saver, it shows the time and date.

Tom holds his phone out in front of him and looks at the screen saver for far longer than he needs to.

Jane looks at the phone, then at Tom. Tom looks at her. Nothing. Her eyes go back to the road, his point’s been missed.

Tom turns the heat up in the car. Jane turns it off and rolls down the window. Tom goes back to his phone. He opens a contact, the photo of which pops up on the screen. It’s his ex from the party.

Tom does all this in an exaggerated way that gets Janes attention. Her eyes go to the phone and she glares up at Tom. He looks at her calmly and, never taking his gaze from hers, starts to text.

Jane grabs the phone and whips it out the open window.

Tom sits in shock for a moment. He then angrily pulls something out of his jacket pocket. It’s a small wrapped present with a tag attached that reads ‘To three wonderful years, love Tom xoxo’.

Tom shows this to Jane. She’s confused and starts to reach out for the present. Tom rolls down his window and throws it out. Tom quickly rolls up both windows, turns the heating back on and changes the radio station and sits back in his seat angrily.

Jane slows the car down and pulls over.

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