Speak To Me


A woman, MARYANNE (38, thin, tired looking) sits on a couch. Next to her sits PAUL (40, aging athlete). Maryanne faces away from Paul who stares at her.

Please, just speak to me.

Maryanne continues to look away from him.

Please Maryanne, just say anything, just say one word. At least look at me.

Maryanne’s gaze moves to a photo of the two of them. In the photo Paul holds Maryanne, both are smiling. Paul’s gaze follows her and also looks at the photo.

I know we’re not what we once were, I know that better than anyone. If you’d just look at me, please.

Maryanne ignores him. She continues to stare at the photo.

Maryanne, please, just speak to me. I don’t care if you yell, I don’t care of you insult me but please just say something.


Paul looks down at her hand on the couch. He lifts up his and goes to put it over hers, then hesitates. Maryanne moves her hand away from his and holds it into her. Tears are now present in her eyes.

Please Maryanne, don’t act so distant, just look at me, just speak to me.

Maryanne stands and walks into the adjoining kitchen.

Paul sighs then stands to follow her.


Maryanne walks over to a box of tissues on the windowsill, pulls one out and dabs at her eyes. Paul enters in the doorway then stops and leans against it.

He says nothing.

Maryanne’s tears start again as she leans on the sink. She sobs down into it.

Paul takes a step towards her, then hesitates. She looks towards him for a beat, then looks back and continues to cry.

Paul takes another step towards her.


Maryanne moves away from him into the dining room. Paul slowly follows.


Just speak to me, please, just say anything.

Maryanne walks over to a mantle piece and picks up another photo of her and Paul, this one is of them on their wedding day. She looks at it for a beat before her emotions over come her. With tears in her eyes she grits her teeth and throws the photo frame directly at Paul.

It passes through his chest, which dissipates into cloudy smoke, then clatters on to the floor behind him. Paul’s chest coalesces.

Please, just speak to me.

Maryanne turns back to the mantle piece on the centre of which sits a large urn. As tears continue to leak out of her eyes, Maryanne picks up the urn and throws it towards Paul with a yell.

Paul instinctively goes to grab it, the urn stops in his hands.

MARYANNE’s POV shows her shock as the urn hovers in the air for a beat before it falls straight down to the ground. It breaks in a cloud of ash.

Paul stands above the broken urn, the area from where he held it to the floor is once more coalescing smoke. His lower half reforms as Maryanne rushes to the fallen urn. She kneels by it, tears dripping down into the mounds of ash. Paul kneels down beside her.

I’m sorry Paul. I miss you so much.

Paul smiles sadly.

I’m sorry. Sorry I can’t help you though this. Time will help. Remember what I always say, how do you move a mountain?

Maryanne looks up, she thinks for a beat, takes a deep breath, then speaks under her breath to herself.

One rock at a time.

That’s my girl.

Maryanne stands. Paul watches her collect a brush and shovel, smiles at her, then dissipates.

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