EXT. CITY STREET – DAY The wind slowly moves through some trees and over the city streets, it contains leaves and dust.

It drops down into a street where it spirals twice around a dog. The dog circles around itself and barks at the wind as it moves on.

Below a young man, dressed in casual business attire and a scarf, fly out an office door and runs onto the street. The wind stops and focuses in on the man. The man rushes over to his bicycle on the other side of the street. He fumbles with his bike lock, puts on his helmet, and peddles like mad down the street and around the corner. The wind rises up and follows.

The man cycles furiously down a quiet inner-city suburban street, his scarf streams behind him. The wind easily keeps pace. It’s collection of leaves and dust moves beside him, over him, then in front of him, then dissipates.

A gust of wind hits the man and his bike. He ignores it and continues on. Again the wind pushes against him. Again he continues on, cycling harder. The wind hits him again. The mans scarf unfurls from his neck. He grabs it just before it blows away then stops to re-tie it.

Determined the man continues on. The wind blows constantly, leaves and debris stream past him. Up ahead a lost umbrella bounds towards him. It whips by, almost hitting him. The man looks back as it disappears behind him. He looks forward determinedly.

The wind blows stronger. More leaves, catalogue pages, and other debris is thrown at him. The man dodges the larger pieces, almost toppling over in the effort. He watches as the last piece of debris flies by him, then looks forward once more with a laugh of triumph. It’s quickly cut short as a plastic bag with a big yellow smiley face printed on it whaps him across the face.

He reaches up and rips it off. A decidedly un-smiley face sits underneath. The man peddles forward again furiously against the wind, he makes slow but steady progress. The wind roars a torrent so strong it pushes him and his bicycle backwards.

Slowly but surely the mans straining face, eyes closed, pushes into frame, his body and bike follow behind him. Inch by inch he creeps forward.

The wind blows a gale directly at him, his hair, clothes and face blown back by the force of it. The man closes his eyes and peddles harder. He makes no progress. He finally looks down to see he’s not moving.

The man stomps his feet down beside the bike and screams into the wind angrily. The wind blows a gale into his face. The man roars again, even fiercer. The wind follows with an even stronger gale. The man roars a third time, his voice lost in the wind, his whole body shows his defiance. The wind throws it’s strongest gale yet, pushing the man and his bike backwards. The man slumps down in defeat.

He climbs off the bike, slowly lays it down and drops to the gutter. His head hangs, the wind blows around him, softer but still strong. With a sigh he pulls out his mobile and clicks some buttons. He makes a call. A photo of the recipient is shown on the screen. A young smiling woman, heavily pregnant. The man talks into the phone, dejected.

Around him the wind lowers its velocity, the leaves slow their movement until there is utter stillness around him. The man looks around in surprise, unsure of what is happening. Slowly the wind changes direction, then roars forward. The man smiles, stands up, talks excitedly on the phone. He hangs up and puts it back in his pocket.

As he climbs onto the bike something catches his attention. He looks behind him to see the umbrella that previously bounced by him, rush back towards him. On compulsion he sticks out his arm and snatches the umbrella out of the air. The umbrella catches the wind and shoots him and his bicycle forward quickly. The man flails in fear as he struggles to hold onto both the bike and the umbrella. Up ahead he sees some parked cars and a pedestrian crossing the road and yells out in fear. As he approaches the obstacles the wind quickly changes direction, back and forth, navigating him around them.

A little boy in superhero stance stands gleefully against the wind, in the middle of the road, a cape streaming behind him. He lets out a scream of delight as the wind picks him up off the ground as the terrified man and his bike fly by underneath him, then gently settles the boy back down.

The man, his bike and the umbrella approach an intersection at the end of the road. The man flails in panic and cries out as he points the umbrella towards his left. The wind spins him round to the left and they continue forward down the road.

Houses whip by them. The man looks at a house to his left up ahead and slams on both the front and back brakes. The wind stops dead. The man jumps off his bike and runs inside.

The wind, once more condensed into it’s clump of leaves and dust, looks through the window to see the man enter the lounge room towards his heavily pregnant wife. He helps her off the couch and looks worriedly around the room. The woman, calmly points towards a bag. He picks it up, returns to his wife, and puts his hand on her back to help her forward. She leans up and kisses him on the cheek, he smiles at her and they head for the door.

The wind blows on.

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