The Science of Distraction


Two women JEN (23, intelligent, distractible) and MARGARET (29, quirky, cool headed) stand beside a counter in a laboratory. The counter is filled with all kind of weird and wonderful sciencey things.

This is where you’ll be working, dissecting the brains and all that. Margaret laughs at her joke.

Jen stares blank faced for a beat before realising it was a joke then gives a short, forced, chuckle.

I’m only joking, you’ll find this lab can be a fun place. We may be scientists but we can get pretty zany when we need to be. But seriously, it’ll be months before we get you to start dissecting the brains.


So I’ll run you through what we’ll get you to do today. Now this solution is very dangerous so you’ll need to make sure…

Margaret’s voice drifts away as Jen stares intently at her face. She notices something sticking out of Margaret’s ear. She focuses on it more intently as the dull sound of Margaret’s voice continues in the background. It’s a wire.

JEN (V.O.)
Is that a wire sticking out of her ear? How does someone get a wire stuck in their ear? And how do they not notice? Is this her being zany again? I don’t get it. Maybe she’s a robot, that wouldn’t surprise me.

Jen’s attention jolts back to Margaret.


…skin will melt. But I may be wasting your time. Have you done this kind of stuff before?

What? Oh, yeah, sure.

You have? Oh great, well I have other stuff to do so I’ll leave you to it. I’ll come back later to check on you.

Margaret hustles off.

Jen looks around the lab, unsure, her eyes settle on a poster of Mr. T with the words ‘I pity the fool who doesn’t follow proper lab safety protocol’.

She looks back despondently at the collection of solutions and equipment on the bench.

JEN (V.O.)
I may be in trouble here.

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