Action or Analysis

INT. CAR – DAY Two police officers sit in an unmarked police car outside a run down apartment block. One of them, MIKAYLA ANDREWS (28, competent), sits in the passengers side and looks out at the apartment block through the window. The other, BRIAN HENDERSON (37, uneducated), sits in the drivers seat.

HENDERSON Why are we still waiting? This is ridiculous.

ANDREWS Because after you blew the last operation they put me in charge, and I say we wait. Now shut up, I’m trying to concentrate.

HENDERSON This is stupid. We should just go in there and bust everybody.

ANDREWS No, we should wait here and let them come to us.

HENDERSON Why? You think I can’t take them? Let me get in there and I’ll have arrested everybody before you can say ‘You were right Henderson’.

ANDREWS I will never say that, and we have no idea who’s in there, and it doesn’t really matter. The point of this operation is to get just one person, the pusher.

HENDERSON It’s bullshit. I could have that place shut down in a minute.

ANDREWS Henderson, just shut the fuck up alright. You sound like an idiot. Does your thick skull even realise that we don’t want to shut the whole thing down? The point is to just get the pusher and let the rest continue, you know, so as not to blow the covers of our undercover agents.

HENDERSON You think too much.

ANDREWS You don’t think enough.

HENDERSON We just arrest our guys and then release them later. What’s the big deal? At least then we could stop with this bullshit waiting.

ANDREWS Every time you say something you manage to sound stupider. You don’t think getting arrested and released won’t make anyone suspicious? I know it’s hard but please try and think Henderson.

HENDERSON When you’re in the field thinking is overrated, you might know that if you’d been in the field as long as I have. A bit of brawn, a bit of action, and I could have this operation sorted while you’re still in this vehicle thinking.

ANDREWS Shut up, someone’s coming.

A young guy in baggy pants and a hoodie, cliche’ drug dealer, steps out of the apartment.

HENDERSON That’s gotta be him. Let’s go.

ANDREWS No, Henderson, wait. I think it’s-

HENDERSON Now is exactly the time where you don’t think!

Henderson jumps out of the car, and runs towards the man.


The man starts to run and Henderson chases him. From the apartment, a woman, dressed up, steps out. She gives a look back at the fleeing Henderson and starts to walk in the opposite direction. Andrews watches her.


Henderson comes back to the car and drags the now handcuffed man with him. He walks up to Andrews.

HENDERSON What did I tell you Andrews, sometimes you just got to act.

ANDREWS Yeah and all your acting helped you arrest the wrong guy. I’ve got the real perp in the back.

Henderson looks to see the dressed up woman sullenly sitting in the back seat.


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