Presto Pest-Go – Scene 1

As I’ve fallen behind in my a-scene-a-days I’ve decided to share one scene a day from a sitcom pilot I wrote as part of my Masters until the days are made up, and/or the episode finishes. 

Hope you enjoy it.

– Damian


A young Indian man stands in front of his bathroom mirror wearing an old suit with his hair waxed. He is PRABIR (20, nervous, overthinker). Prabir talks to himself.

Okay, Prabir, first day of your new job, you need this job, man, you need to make a good impression. Try to get inspired. Think of a sports quote. There’s an I in team! Not very inspirational. Ducks fly together! Okay you don’t know sports quotes, forget all that. Just be confident! Be bold. Don’t be the real you! The real you is currently giving himself a very unconvincing and cliched pep talk in front of the mirror! Look, just act enthusiastic, do as little as possible, and then you can come home and forget the day ever happened.

Prabir turns and exits bathroom.

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