Presto Pest-Go – Scene 6

This scene is part of a pilot episode for a sitcom that I wrote as part of my Masters. See past days to catch up on the rest of the episode.


It’s completely quiet in the cabin, Prabir is in the passenger seat, now dressed in a jumpsuit, he still has a shocked and horrified look on his face. Steve drives.

You alright mate? You have any questions or anything? Prabir comes out of his daze.

What? No, ahh, nope.

You sure? You’re looking a little nervous over there.

Oh, no, me? I’m great. All ready to get to it! Let’s go kill some rats, or mice.

Prabir swallows.

Or bugs.

Prabir goes back to his fear dazed state.

Want to see something I like to do?

Steve winds down the window as he flicks through the radio stations. He finds one playing a very intense love ballad, pulls up at a red light and turns the volume up high. Outside on a bench sits an old Asian man. Steve catches his eye and then starts lip syncing the song to the man, never losing eye contact and really gives his all in the performance. The Asian man looks at Steve, expression vacant. The traffic light turns green and they take off, Steve turns the volume down while Prabir laughs at the bit.

That was brilliant! His face!

You like that? Well next red light it’s your turn, you do one.

Oh no, no, I couldn’t do that. I’m not, I’m not very brave. I’m a coward, Steve, to be honest. I don’t know how I’ll go today.

Hey no worries, this job will be fine. We’ll go there, it’ll just be a couple of mice or something, I’ll do all the work and you can just watch. Nothing to worry about.

Thanks Steve, that, that means a lot. Actually I do have a question for you.

It’s not about Rebecca is it?

What? No! Why, why would you. No. It’s about our name. Why are we called Presto Pest-Go?

It’s meant to sound like a magician thing, like we’ll make your pests disappear.

Ohh, I did not get that.

Nobody ever does.

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