Presto Pest-Go – Scene 12

This scene is part of a pilot episode for a sitcom that I wrote as part of my Masters. See past days to catch up on the rest of the episode.


Prabir is surrounded by Steve, Felix, and Rebecca inside the Presto Pest-Go office. In the background behind them Mandy sits in a chair, still groggy.

I think the cat must of trusted me after I gave it some food because he let me grab him from under the house and then just fell asleep in my arms.

That’s amazing. So you didn’t use an Indian hypnotic technique?

Umm, no, I don’t know anything like that.

Shame. Still you did great, well done. Unlike you Mandy, falling asleep on the job, is that something The Female Exterminator would do?


Felix walks to his office.

Well done mate, I don’t know how you did it, but well done.

Steve walks over to his desk.

Not bad new kid, might be more to you than I thought.

Rebecca walks back to reception with a smile. Prabir smiles wide, then cries out in terror when he realises Mandy is standing unsteadily behind him.

I don’t know what happened out there but this isn’t over.

Mandy sways back to her desk, knocking over the same chair as previously in the effort. Prabir swallows hard.

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