Mitosis – Act 1, Scene 7

This scene is part of the first draft of a screenplay I’ve written as part of my Masters. See past days to catch up on the rest of the story. Happy reading.


Daniel sits at one of the many seats in the waiting area near gate 12. He flips through some photos on his tablet, they’re of himself and Nathan.

A mother with two children sit down on the seats next to him. One of the children, a small girl, is closest to Daniel and begins to stare at him.

He gives her a cursory glance, a quick forced smile, then returns to his tablet.

The girl continues to stare intently.

Daniel looks at her again, smiles again with a quick couple of nods to say ‘I see you’ and tries once more to return to his tablet.

The girl continues to stare, blank faced.

Daniel is uncomfortable. He shifts in his chair and is unable to focus on his tablet. He looks back at the girl and mouths at her ‘What?’

The girl slowly opens her mouth and then reaches in and pulls out a toy car. She extends her hand out, offering the slobbery toy to Daniel.

That’s enough for Daniel who gets out of his seat, takes his bag and walks near the big open windows, keeping an eye on the still staring girl the whole way.

Attention passengers, flight QA17 from gate 12 is now boarding.

Around Daniel everyone starts to collect their things and walk to the gate. Daniel follow suite.

Out the windows a worker drives a a cart up to the plane, trailing luggage behind him.

The driver pulls up and is joined by another man and together they start loading the luggage onto the conveyor belt into the plane.

Another employee starts walking towards the luggage from the airport. It’s the same one who was pushing the trolleys Daniel knocked over earlier. He arrives at the luggage trailer and starts looking through it. He gets to the back, spots Daniels suitcase and grabs it, a ‘Daniel Reeves’ label clearly on it.

The airport employee takes his bag and throws it into another luggage trailer nearby.

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