Mitosis – Act 1, Scene 8

This scene is part of the first draft of a screenplay I’ve written as part of my Masters. See past days to catch up on the rest of the story. Happy reading.


Daniel boards the plane and walks down the crowded row until he spots his seat. It’s an isle of three and already sitting in the window seat is a OBESE WOMAN. Daniel stows his things away then squeezes in to his seat next to her, in the middle. Daniels face scrunches in disgust as he starts to sniff.

The obese woman smiles at him.

Sorry about my smell. Doctors say it’s something to do with my glands, I don’t even notice it myself anymore.

Oh right, no, no problem. Excuse me one minute.

Daniel stands and walks over to a female STEWARDESS.

Hello, I need another seat.

I’m sorry sir, what seems to be the problem?

The problem is that, large woman over there, sitting next to me has a self confessed stench thanks to a glandular problem. So I’ll need another seat.

I see, well it’s a very full flight today. Why don’t you return to your seat and I’ll go see what I can do.

Can I just stand here? It smells like a dogs vomited up a pile of cheese over there.

I’m afraid I have to insist you return to your seat.

Daniel does so. He smiles tightly at the obese woman who smiles back at him.

Daniel sits and looks around the plane while he taps his chin. After a beat he slowly turns his head as far as he can from the woman next to him and lets out the sharp expulsion of a held in breath. He quickly sucks in another one.

An OLD MAN who looks impossible old, wearing an oxygen mask walks up to Daniel dragging a oxygen tank behind him.

Daniel looks across in horror as the old man struggles to get into his seat and position the tank between his legs.

Daniel looks up from the old man to the stewardess as she walks by.

Excuse me, miss? The problem that I had has somehow gotten worse. Have you managed to resolve it for me?

Sorry sir, we’re about to take off. I’ll sort you out as soon as we’re up in the air.

The stewardess continues down the isle.

I don’t know if I can wait that long!

The plane starts rolling forward and Daniel leans back into his seat and quickly buckles up his seat belt.

The plane thunders down the runway and Daniels hands grip tightly to the arm rests.

The plane starts to lift as all the passengers seats tilt backwards together.

Daniels starts to sweat as the plane starts it ascent, rattling higher and higher into the sky.

Daniel looks out the window to see the land moving further and further away from him. He snaps his head forward again and closes his eyes.

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