Mitosis – Act 1, Scene 10

This scene is part of the first draft of a screenplay I’ve written as part of my Masters. See past days to catch up on the rest of the story. Happy reading.


The plane sleeps, the lights have been dimmed and through the windows there is only darkness. Daniel sits back with a blanket over him but is awake. He looks up at the ‘bathroom is free’ sign then over to the still sleeping old man.

He wiggles in his seat and looks again to the toilet. With a sigh he trows off his blanket. He stands up and tries to squeeze past the old man. It’s no good, the oxygen tank is blocking his way. Daniel thinks.

He stretches one leg over the man and his tank which leaves Daniel leaning down, almost face to face with the geriatric. Daniel quickly pulls his leg back, turns around, and once more reaches his leg over, this time with his backside to the man. Daniel pulls his other leg quietly over the man and into the isle. As he does so however it gets tangled in the cord coming from the oxygen tank and he unplugs it.

Daniel tumbles into the isle and looks quickly across at the hissing tube, then up at the old man as he starts to wheeze. Daniel rushes around and tries to plug the pipe in somewhere.

He doesn’t know where…

The old mans breathing increases, wheezing louder…

Daniel still can’t locate where to plug in the tube through the tangle of the old mans legs…

The old man gasps loudly…

Daniel locates the attachment and plugs the pipe back in. He looks up at the old man as his breathing returns to normal. Daniel breathes a sigh and stands back up.

Daniel walks towards the toilet. On the way he passes the emergency exit row. In the seat that was offered to him at check in sits a young guy of a similar age to Daniel. On either side of the man sit two young, petite, and outstandingly attractive woman. All three are cuddled up together, a sleeping smile affixes the young man’s face. Daniel continues to the bathroom.

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