Mitosis – Act 1, Scene 12

This scene is part of the first draft of a screenplay I’ve written as part of my Masters. See past days to catch up on the rest of the story. Happy reading.


Daniel stumbles out of the toilet to a now awake plane. People are talking in loud shocked voices to each other over the shaky movement of the turbulence. The plane drops for a moment, some passengers scream, and Daniel is dropped to the floor. The stewardess tells him to take his seat before pulling out her emergency seat and buckling herself in.

Daniel staggers up the plane to his seat and squeezes in, quickly buckling his seat belt.

The plane does another long drop in the sky before catching itself. Passengers are once again screaming as they’re all thrown up in their seats before hitting hard back down.

Daniel is panicked, around him people are beginning to vomit. He clenches the armrests tightly staring straight ahead in concentration, sweat visibly dripping down his face.

The old man is still asleep, the obese woman is one of those vomiting.

The movement of the plane is non stop with little drops every few moments.

The obese woman grabs onto Daniel is fear, pulling him into her. Daniels face is one of shock and horror. The plane drops sharply again. Daniel’s arms fly around the obese woman, he holds her tightly. All around them the plane is chaos. The old man continues to snore. Daniel starts to scream.

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