Mitosis – Act 1, Scene 20

This scene is part of the first draft of a screenplay I’ve written as part of my Masters. See past days to catch up on the rest of the story. Happy reading.


Daniel runs from the car and heads into an even more run down and dangerous looking side of town. He’s entered a favela, a large slum area. Daniel starts to slow down his run to a jog and then a walk once he sees he isn’t being followed.

Finally he stops and looks around and only then realizes that he may not yet be safe. Daniel continues to walk through the shanty town nervously, gathering strange looks from the various people in their squalid surroundings.

Daniel tries to discreetly pull out his phone and pull up a map on it, hiding it beneath his T-shirt. He continues to walk while he looks down though his shirt at the phone and fails to notice the gang of five men in front of him.

Daniel walks into one and looks up at them. He apologizes nervously and briskly starts to walk away from them. They start to follow. Daniel picks up his pace. The gang pick up theirs. Daniel starts to run.

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