Mitosis – Act 1, Scene 22



Daniel takes a wrong turn and is cornered. Things looks bad as the gang arrogantly approaches him. Daniel backs up against the wall, hits it and drops his phone.

From nowhere one of the gang members falls flat on his face, punched from behind, then another one. Behind the gang stands two surprisingly well dressed men. They look like they could be ex WWE wrestles that have somehow squeezed their bulking muscles into suits. The gang look like scared mice next to them. They yell something in Portuguese to the gang members who quickly flee.

Daniel, still against the wall, smiles nervously at the two men. They don’t smile back. They slowly start to approach him and Daniel pushes back harder against the wall.

One of the men, GABRIEL (moustached, hair slicked back) sees Daniels phone, the screen has switched to the screen saver, a photo of Daniel and Nathan. Gabriel picks it up and shows it to his counterpart LUCAS (clean shaven, scarred) and says something to him in Portuguese. He turns aggressively to Daniel.

There’s two of you?

Oh you, you speak English. Yes that’s me and my brother Nathan. I’m actually here to find him, he left me a note that said he was here and then I had a horrible plane ride with a stinky woman and a dying old man and the plane almost crashed and then the airport lost my luggage and a taxi driver tried to abduct me and I just want to find him but I don’t know where I am and I don’t want to get hurt and I’m rambling aren’t I, it seems like I’m rambling.

Daniel forcibly closes his mouth.

Gabriel and Lucas share a look and their disposition changes. Gabriel smiles at Daniel.

Well we’re not going to hurt you, those men we saved you from definitely would have but don’t worry about them. You are in the wrong part of town my friend. If you like we could drive you to your hotel and this brother, Nathan was it?

Yes, oh really? That would be terrific, thank you so much. It’s good to know that some nice people do exist in the city.

Oh yes, we’re very nice. I am Gabriel and this is Lucas.

Lucas gives Daniel the half hearted smile of someone who isn’t practised at smiling.

Nice to meet the both of you.

If you’d like our car is just over here.

Gabriel leads Daniel over to the car chatting amicably with him as they go.

So are you two brothers as well then?

More like partners.

Oh that’s nice.

Lucas hangs back and pulls out a phone. He dials, it picks up and he begins to speak in Portuguese.

Hey Boss, no we haven’t found him yet but we found his brother. Yes, a twin, he was in a favela of all places. He’s leading us back to his brother’s hotel now. We’ll have him for you soon Mariana.

The voice through the phone comes through, it’s a woman’s voice and although she’s speaking in Portuguese it sounds decidedly angry.

Good, no one steals my property and gets away with it. Bring both of them to me right away.

Lucas hangs up the phone and starts to walk to the car.

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