Plastic Green Spade

After a brief hiatus, caused mostly by laziness, the scene-a-days are back. I had hoped to back write to fill all the missing days up with words, but as the missing days grew, that job grew, and now I think I’ll start from here, January twelfth, it’s a good a day as any. The scenes will continue daily from here on out (as the name suggests) and if I do find the strength of will may even end up back writing those lost days, otherwise they will just continue to be lost. In the meantime, enjoy!
   –    Damian


The sun shines down on the cool blue waves and the hot grainy sand of a warm beach absolutely packed with people. In fact it’s hard to even see sand due to the high number of people, towels, umbrellas, etc, littering the beach. The only visible sand is that just near the edge of the water. We pan along that stretch of sand until we come across a small boy, 12, digging a hole in the sand with a small, green, plastic spade.

The hole’s not big, big enough to fit him in it in order to continue to dig further down, but that’s about it.

The scene fast forwards.

Moving quickly we see people come and go, into the water and out of the water, moving all about, throwing balls, catching waves. Through it all the boy digs and his hole gets bigger.

Still in fast forward the sun begins to set, the tide goes out, and the beach slowly empties.

The fast forward slows down and stops as we pan in on the boy, still determinately digging down further into his now giant hole. The sides have spread out but it’s the depth that’s impressive. You can’t help but wonder two things; 1) Where are his parents? And 2) Is he even able to get out of that hole?

A man, 32, athletic, walks over to the hole and kneels down at it’s edge to ask the boy just that. His shadow stretches down into the hole and over the boy.

I don’t mean to interrupt the fine work, but are you alright in there?

The boy barely turns his head before continuing to dig.


Are you sure? I mean it’s a nice hole but I think you’ve done too good a job. You won’t be able to get out of there.

The boy’s digging flicks sand past the man.

I don’t need to get out.

Sure you do. It’s getting late, and I’m sure your parents must be waiting for you somewhere.

My parents are waiting for me in heaven. They have been for five years, I don’t think they’ll want to see me just yet.

Well surely there’s someone who’s worried about you?


Sure there is. Where do yo live?

At the orphanage, but nobody there worries about me. Do you mind moving, you’re blocking my light a bit.

Oh, sorry.

The man scoots across to the side letting the fading sunlight into the hole.

Thank you.

Look, why don’t I call someone for you, either the orphanage or the police. I’m sure you must be hungry by now right? Or maybe you want a shower?

No, I just need to keep digging.

What if I-

Mister I know you mean well but I’ve been working hard all day and, if my calculations are correct, I’m getting close to where I need to be so would you mind leaving me alone now?

Beat. The man thinks, the boy continues to dig.

What if I helped you instead, then when we’re done I could take you home. I have a shovel in my car.

The boy sighs but nods his head. The man runs off then shortly returns holding a shovel. He lowers himself into the giant hole and walks over to the boy.

Alright, where should I dig?

Just here, we only have about half a meter or so to go. It shouldn’t take long.

Together they dig down.

After a few moments.

So what are we digging f-

The man’s word’s are cut off as his shovel stabs into the sand, water flowing up around it as it does. The water floods in and quickly rises around them.

I think we did it!

The water begins to whirlpool around them.

Did what? What’s happening?

The whirlpool grows stronger.

I actually found it! Me!

The whirlpool swirls ferociously around them. The man battles to fight the flow of it.



The water over powers them both and swirls them towards a hole in the bottom of the hole. The boy cries out in glee.


Both man and boy are sucked into the hole in the hole, the water flowing in behind them. The water drains away, and sand fills over the hole in the hole. Leaving no trace of man or boy behind.

The tide comes in and slowly starts to erode the boys work. By morning there will be no trace that a hole was ever dug there.

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