January 22, 2016


A quick one today I’m thinking, as I probably should start putting more of my writing juices into working on the script.

I say writing juices, I should be saying manic caffeine induced coffee juices. My parents have been drinking coffee since I was in the cradle – probably before too, but I wasn’t around then and to be honest their lives before I existed has basically no interest to me, like looking through a bunch of photos when all you’re really interested in is seeing the ones you’re in, or skyping with someone and looking at the small window that has you in it the whole time. We’re a vain species. Either way somehow it took me until my mid twenties to start enjoying the brown brew. Admittedly I primarily drink mochas which I’m sure the coffee connoisseurs out there may look down upon, crying out with their suffocating coffee breath that it’s basically hot chocolate, which it is, which is why it’s so great. The point is that I’ve finally decided to suckle at the coffee teat, allowing myself to become dependant on it’s sustaining and energizing flow, and I try to direct that buzz straight into writing..I feel like I may have gotten sidetracked.

Back to my script. It’s coming along. What’s coming along more is the ideas for it. The great thing about forcing myself to start a project is that once I do my brain finally says ‘oh, are we doing this?’ and then opens the ideas spigot to a heavy flow. The bad thing about that though is that I usually have trouble getting to sleep as that’s when my brain decides to start batting me with these ideas, like a child who wants to show off a painting they’ve done by shoving it in your face repeatedly, while you’re trying to sleep. Much like with that metaphorical child, I’ve found the best thing to do is acknowledge my brain, pat it on the head, and say good job. By this I mean, use the ideas. Note them down, or write them out completely. As I’m currently forcing myself to write every day, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. Furthermore I believe that doing so is the only way to make room for new ideas. I know our brains are this amazing piece of biological technology that has so much space for data that it basically continues inwards forever. I also know I have trouble accessing this data. The hardware’s great but the software is useless. I can see what’s on the desktop, but the rest of the files are buried somewhere deep in the hard drive and I can’t remember what folder they’re in. These new ideas flood the desktop of my brain, clog it up, and stop new ones from arriving. Until I take these ideas, organise, and use them, there’s no room on the desktop for new ones. Alright, metaphor over.

The main piece of news for the day is that my best friend and twin brother, Jonathan, comes home today. He’s been spending the last six to seven months hopping his way over Europe, primarily living and working in London. He’s back home because his close friends, Erica and Brian, are getting married – and to be smothered in hugs by me. Needless to say I’m excited.

I was also in a collision today but that’s a story for another time.

Coffee fueled rant over, time to get back to work.

Talk soon.


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