January 28, 2016


It was a very full day for me today, mostly due to my continued existence (and doesn’t that get tiring sometimes). It was comprised of such exhausting activities like waking up, eating, and having to move my body from one spot to another. All done in order to complete activities that allow me to get paid. I’m always a bit annoyed by that last one. Not the paid part, that’s lovely, but the having to move part. With the global connectivity of today’s technology it sometimes seems ludicrous to commute everyday in order to sit at a specific computer. I have a computer in my house. I also have a computer in my pocket. In fact my television is also a computer, one that would allow me to do any work related things I needed to were it connected to the right network (and admittedly also watch television). Granted for my job there is more to do than just computer based tasks, but on the average day those comprise maybe a couple of hours work, with the rest of the day spent on the computer.

All this makes me wonder if with the rise of technology there’s an equal rise in people working from home. It seems likely, except for two things. We’re lazy and easily distracted.

Between finishing my course and working full time I had about six months of working very part time, just six hours each weekend. As there are one hundred and sixty eight hours in the week that leaves me with a lot of free time. Maths. While I didn’t have a paid job in this time I did have a self appointed job, screenwriting. I would work not only at improving my writing but also at trying to worm my way into the biz. I did not however achieve either of these two things. I did instead watch a lot of television, read a lot of books, and weed most of the garden. If that last one seems odd just remember that procrastination can take many forms.

I think the problem may be that there was no punishment for these incomplete tasks, other than the disappointment in myself for not achieving my goals, and this was easily fixed with chocolate.

In fact I’ve managed be a lot more proactive in that field since I’ve restarted full time work.

I’m not sure if I’m leading to a point here other than I’m pretty good at disproving my own original point of view, or, that if I ever do work from home there needs to be a bigger punishment for procrastination than failed dreams.

Maybe I should just continue to ride to work.

And on the topic of procrastination here are some wonderful things the internet passed across my eyes today:
+ A short animated video from TED-ed about how and why our internal organs are asymmetrical. If you haven’t seen these TED-ed videos before prepare to get hooked.
+ An exceptionally cool and most importantly free online course about writing comics. It includes classes on defining comics, comics relationships, time and space, layout and grid design, and how to thumbnail. It starts in February, I’m going to be doing it, and did I mention it was free?
+ And finally this outstandingly hilarious video entitled Anyone Can Quantum featuring Paul Rudd, Keanu Reeves, and Stephen Hawking. It’s so very funny and clever it’ll have you asking yourself why haven’t these three been in a video together before? 

That’s all the words from me today.

Talk soon.


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