January 31, 2016


I bought a present today. Not for me, but for one of my people, one of my tribe. It doesn’t have an event attributed to it yet but I’m sure it will, in time. This is a habit I picked up, I’m sure, from my Mum, who buys Christmas presents all year round, especially if there are sales on, so that by the end of the year all of us lucky members of her family have a couch load of presents. Literally a couch load. On Christmas Eve a couch would be assigned to each of us kids. We would put our Christmas stocking on the arm of our couch and come Christmas morn we would find our stocking full of chocolates and our couch piled high with presents, meticulously arranged by our Dad to allow the optimum viewing experience. Creeping into that lounge room at some ungodly hour in the morning with my siblings and seeing my couch, seeing my siblings couches, showing one another all the presents we had received, and finally showing them off to my sleep deprived parents in their bed who already knew what all the presents were anyway, is undoubtedly one of my most treasured memories. It created a feeling of joy, unfathomable and unlimited happiness, and magic that perhaps only children are capable of feeling. Either way, today I bought a present.

As I bought this present without an immediate purpose I put it in a box. This box is full of presents for those I love, just quietly waiting for the day when an event or circumstance should arrive where their purpose will be fulfilled, when they will go to their intended individual and hopefully bring joy, or entertainment, or some usefulness to that person’s life. Or at the very least say to that person that I love them, I know them, I think about them, and here’s the proof of that in a physical form. I really like having a box full of awaiting presents. It makes me happy to think that they’re there and that should I die some untimely death, as morbid as that thought may seem, someone would find that box and hand out the gifts to their intended persons, and that amongst the grieving I would be able to give one last round of presents, right when they were needed most. There’s definately a magic in that.

The present I bought was a book, which is a whole other brand of magic, and it’s one so good and so perfect for it’s intended recipient that I almost want to give it to them today. But, while I’m certainly a fan of giving presents for presents sake, I feel like this one is special, and that it’ll wait.

For now I’m off to enjoy a present I received from my girl Holly, seeing a man I’m very much a fan off, Nick Offerman, perform his show. No doubt I’ll tell you about it soon.

Talk soon


One response to “January 31, 2016”

  1. Dam, you had no idea the joy we received listening to and watching you enjoy your Christmas presents


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