February 25, 2016


I’ll have a break from talking about myself for today and share with you some lovely gifts the internet have provided us with this week.


First up is one that was shared with me by my good friend Nice-Guy-Sean (The nicknamed earned by the fact that his name is Sean and he’s a nice guy). It’s an article about a guy from reddit who takes peoples regular photos and then turns them into fairly epic fictional movie posters complete with titles, tagline, and actors names. For example…


Great, right? I mean I would buy tickets to Night at the Aquarium right now if I could. You can see many more, as well as a link to the guys reddit page, here.


Next up is this…short film, I guess? Or maybe a skit? Either way it’s a funny and surprisingly moving video by the comedic actor Beck Bennet, and is entitled How to lose weight in 4 easy steps. I know, it sounds like I’m trying to secretly tell you you need to lose weight but as most of the video focuses on the third tip “Get your heart broken” I think you can tell this isn’t your usual weight lose advice.


For those of you who may have read this blog before you’ll know what a fan I am of the writer/futurist/genius Warren Ellis. For those of you who haven’t read this blog, you now know that I’m a fan I am of the writer/futurist/genius Warren Ellis. Anywho, here’s an interview he did for The Paris Review where he discusses writing, the future, and what it’s like to be in the head of a murderer. It’s quality stuff. Read it here.


Finally, this article from the AV Club about The Prestige. For those of you unfamiliar with The Prestige it’s a 2006 film from Christopher Nolan that features a big reveal ending. A very successful one. The article analyses the film and gives some thought on just how Mr. Nolan pulled this off. It’s well thought out it, I found it quite illuminating, and it gave me some ideas about how I could implement the same features in my own writing. Read it here.


Quick aside of something all this internet sharing has got me thinking about: Basically this, the internet is such a glut of wonderful and meaningless information that it’s hard to know what to do with it all. Sometimes I think I should simply let it entertain me, Lord knows there’s enough content out there to keep a man entertained for many lifetimes. But that feels like I’m wasting a pretty valuable asset. So what should I do with all this information? Do I let it inspire me? Educate me? Connect me? Do I want to add my voice and ideas to this infinite swarm of voices? Well, I suppose my answer is the same as that of the man with two penises when asked if it hangs to the left or the right. Yes. Yes to all of it. Let all that information educate, entertain, connect, and inspire. Then, using all that, add to it.

Look at that, I managed to talk about myself anyway. Whoops. (Also, for the record, I only have the one penis)

Talk soon


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