p1150546Damian Robb is 179cm tall, has a face half covered in beard, and can often be found wearing pyjamas.

He currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his girlfriend, Holly, and a rabbit called Moriarty.

By day, he works in a laboratory, furthering the field of health and science, and by night he writes words for screen and paper.


In 2015 Damian completed the Masters of Screenwriting course with the Victorian College of the Arts, and has co-created two web series, Mel MacDuff and Bogan Bookclub; currently in post production.

His novella, The Case of Henry and the Hamster, a humorous detective story about a simple man with a Sherlock Holmes obsession and a murder to solve, will soon be available in ebook and print.

He is currently working on his first novel as well as a series of short stories to be released as an audiobook, is a regular on the popular podcast Movie Maintenance, available from Sanspants Radio, and creates comics under the moniker Midday Pyjamas.

Damian is also available for freelance work and can be contacted here.

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