January 29, 2016


Something quick today because it is a Friday after all.

I’m currently full of pasta, and I mean full. If you were to cut me I would bleed matriciana sauce. Take a closer look at my flesh and you’d find that at it’s cellular level it’s actually ravioli. My hair is no longer just the colour of freshly cooked spaghetti, it is spaghetti. If you were to perform the game of operation on me the challenge would be to pull out every single type of pasta. I think you get the idea, I ate too much pasta.

So the something quick I have for you today is a trailer for an upcoming documentary. I only heard about it today, and by heard I of course mean read-about-it-on-the-internet, but I’m already very excited.

It’s entitled Temple Of Art, and it’s described as “A documentary that looks at what it means to be an artist, how to fail beautifully, and proceed with courage.” Amazing, right? If that’s not enough to wet your artistic appetites it also features a who’s who of my artistic heroes, inc:
Neil Gaiman
Chuck Palahniuk
Ben Folds
Kevin Smith
Molly Crabapple
David Mack
Amanda Palmer
Dave Mckean &
Grant Morrison
From the trailer it seems to be these giants describing their process and views on being an artist. I’d pay money to see that, and I did. You can too by preordering the movie.

Talk soon